£1,800 (£1,600 Mon-Fri)

1 x operator


5 minute highlights film,

7 hours coverage: Venue Prep till First Dance


£2,400 (£2,300 Mon-Fri)

2 x operators

7 - 10 minute highlights film

Full ceremony & speeches

1 minute trailer

9 hours coverage: Bride prep till First Dance


£2,800 (£2,700 Mon-Fri)

2 x operators

2 minute trailer
12-15 minute film

Full ceremony & speeches  

11 hours coverage: Bride/Groom Prep

Until Evening Dancing

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All prices include VAT.

Extra Add-ons: 
Personal video messages from guests £400 

Drone Coverage £200
Groom Prep for Bronze package £200 


All Films, Ceremony and Speeches are provided on an

online link for you to download to your PC, Mobile, or Tablet. 

Please Note: We ask that the camera crew are provided with a meal at wedding receptions. 

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